Commencement 2011

Mark Ostow

Mark Ostow

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Mary Miller
Dean of Yale College and Sterling Professor of History of Art

How many graduation ceremonies have you attended?

As Master of Saybrook, I presided over nine of them, and as dean, three.

What do you like about graduation?

I love the fact that we call it Commencement, because it is the beginning. I love that it really is the beginning.

Of what?

Of the next step of life.

It was funny — was it Saturday? — I was in Sterling returning my overdue library books with the line of undergraduates who needed to return their library books in order to graduate. They were very touched that I was paying my fines.

How much – are you willing to confess?

Ten dollars. … I think I still would have been allowed to preside if I hadn't returned my library books.