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C'mon, get happy

Yale is the "Happiest School in America."

Graphic: Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

Graphic: Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

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If you weren’t happy at Yale, a new Newsweek/Daily Beast ranking suggests, it was nobody’s fault but your own. The magazine recently declared Yale the “Happiest School in America” as part of its series of 2011 college rankings. It should be said, though, that Newsweek didn’t actually ask students if they were happy. Instead, the magazine crunched some existing numbers about things that, in its staff’s opinion, should make a student happy: good food, housing, and nightlife; small classes, low debt upon graduation, and (yes, even in New Haven) sunny days. Yale also turned up near the top in other critically important and highly scientific Newsweek rankings (view full image to see more).

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