From the Editor

Yale sights

Can you identify these spots on campus?

Our executive editor, Mark Branch, moonlights as the photographer for our Daily Snap blog—delivering a great shot of Yale, five days a week. If you haven’t seen it yet, I heartily recommend becoming an addict. I’m turning this space over to Mark for this issue, so that you can imagine yourself back on campus.—Kathrin Day Lassila ’81, Editor

We know that most of you are far away from Yale. That’s why we like to serve up daily photos of the campus on our website and social media accounts. These days, when there are only a very few people working or studying on campus, even locals appreciate the updates.

On occasional Mondays we will post a photo of a place at Yale, or a detail from a building, and ask readers to identify it. We call it Mystery Monday. Sometimes readers seem to respond in seconds; sometimes it takes all day or longer for someone to come up with it. On this page are a few of our past Mystery Monday photos. How many can you identify?

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