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Artist Barbara Earl Thomas will design new stained-glass windows for the Grace Hopper College dining hall. Her designs will replace panes that were removed shortly before the college’s name was changed from Calhoun College. “I want the images to tell the story of the renaming,” Thomas said in a statement. Artist Faith Ringgold is designing a set of stained-glass panes for Hopper’s common room.

A Yale College student is suing the university for the return of a portion of his spring 2020 tuition. Jonathan Michel ’22 argues that the online classes instituted because of the COVID-19 pandemic “cannot replace the comprehensive educational experience” Yale promised. Students paid full tuition for the term but were refunded a share of their room and board payments. University spokesperson Karen Peart says the suit is “baseless” and that the university will defend it. “Yale acted to protect the community by moving quickly and effectively to online classes, which allowed students to complete the semester safely,” says Peart.

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After nearly 150 years in one spot, a Yale-owned house at 87 Trumbull Street (left) was moved down the street to a university parking lot a block away. Its former site was cleared to make room for a new building that will house the Tobin Center for Economic Policy.

School of Public Health professor Harvey Risch was in the news this summer after he published a paper and wrote an op-ed for Newsweek arguing for the use of the drug hydroxychloroquine for some COVID-19 patients. Risch maintains that the drug is effective for high-risk people early in their infections, and that studies that cast doubt on the drug’s effectiveness looked at patients later in the disease course. In a statement, public health dean Sten Vermund said that Yale-affiliated doctors were only rarely using the drug because of “evidence that it is ineffective and potentially risky.” Vermund went on to affirm his belief in “open academic discourse, including what some may view as unpopular voices.”

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