Cathy Shufro

  • Commencement

    Commencement 2011

    Under cloudy skies, Yale celebrated more than 3,100 graduates. We talked to a few—and checked out their ever more creative mortarboards.

    June 30 2011
  • Gregory Nemec



    January 1 2009
  • Julie Brown


    By hand

    Theater today thrives on the high-tech and large-scale. But in Hunter Spence's classes, students still learn small-scale artistry and old-fashioned cuss words.

    December 31 2008
  • Gregory Nemec


    The daughter effect

    Legislators with daughters are more liberal.

    June 30 2008
  • Milestones

    Vice president in charge of asking

    Yale's new development chief.

    June 30 2012
  • Photo illustration: Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

    Arts & Culture

    Back in the day

    October 31 2009
  • Light & Verity

    Medicine as theater

    A one-woman show based on Yale doctors and patients.

    February 29 2008
  • Where They Are Now

    Where does Haiti go from here?

    April 30 2010