Every Friday, we choose an alum who has been making headlines—for better or for worse.
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9/24/10: Natasha Zupan ’87

It sounds like the plot of an Almodovar film: a house painter (in Spain, of course) confesses to his artist client that he has been having an affair with her cleaning lady. In the artist’s house. With the cleaning lady dressing up in the artist’s underwear.

What is our heroine to do? Laugh? Cry? Fire them both? Perhaps. But because she is Natasha Zupan ’87, she also made art from this tawdy-but-true story, as told to AOL News. Zupan’s exhibit “Flesh Fold,” a series of collages incorporating panties and bras—some hers, some donated—opens September 24 at the Alexander Salazar Fine Art gallery in San Diego.

While Zupan is not our first Yalie of the Week to make underwear-related art, she is almost certainly the first who collected 100 foundation garments from “a very large-breasted woman” and “turned it into a painting called Boobie Trap.” Who could top that?

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