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Alumni art: outside the white box

Connecticut is in the deep freeze right now, but a passel of Yale-trained artists is bringing the glow of creativity to the town of Greenwich.

"Yale MFA: Five Years Later" is an exhibition by graduates of the Yale School of Art who are, you guessed it, about five years out of school.

"After spending what felt like two solid years inside my lovely white box of a studio at Yale, I made a conscious effort to become less dependent on working inside a studio," painter Breehan James ’07MFA says in a press release. "This pushed me literally outside and happily closer to my own interests." One of her outdoor explorations is "Wisconsin Wilderness," top center.

Sculptor Jacob Rhodes ’07MFA says he is "no longer tangled with the grad-school hothouse flowers of 'success' and 'failure,'" but rather is "in the bloom of long-term investigation."

The other artists are Cat Balco ’97, ’07MFA, Andy Lane ’08MFA, Beth Livensperger ’08MFA, John Bianchi ’08MFA, and Jonathan Brand ’07MFA. We just hope that Lane's painting "Horse"—with its depiction of a galloping equine chasing a small human figure—doesn't symbolize the Yale experience, or the first five years after.

"Yale MFA: Five Years Later" opened January 24 at the Flinn Gallery in the Greenwich Public Library. It runs through March 6. More images are available on the exhibition website.

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