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Fred Smith ’66

Is it hard for you to imagine a presidential election without a sixty-something Skull and Bones member on the ticket? Take heart: FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith ’66, a Bones classmate of John Kerry, is being talked about as a potential running mate for John McCain. New York Times columnist William Kristol mentioned Smith as a possibility in his column on August 4, and the Democratic website The Next Cheney now includes Smith as one of seven possible McCain choices.

FedEx put out a statement on August 4 saying that “Mr. Smith has no interest in pursuing political office under any circumstance.” But Smith seemed open to the possibility of some kind of government service in May, when he told PBS’s Charlie Rose that “if the president of the United States asks you to do something, you have to pay attention to it. But… I certainly would hope Senator McCain would have better judgment than to hire me.”

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