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    Arts & Culture

    Freedom, in gold

    What an engraved box can tell us about American history.

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • features

    From film to paper

    David Duchovny '89Grd, who left grad school at Yale to become an actor, wants to be known for his writing.

    Mar/Apr 2022 | Ico comments 2 comments
  • Where They Are Now

    The stories of many lives

    MacArthur-winning painter Jordan Casteel '14MFA talks about her portraits.

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • From the Editor

    Professor of gospel

    Braxton Shelley studies "a continuum of African American sacred expression."

    Mar/Apr 2022
  • Milestones

    A life transformed by mambo

    Robert Farris Thompson changed the Western world's understanding of African culture.

    Jan/Feb 2022
  • Arts & Culture

    Reviews: January/February 2022

    The US government’s role in the climate crisis; women and sex; life in a Jewish neighborhood after a deadly shooting.

    Jan/Feb 2022