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    Reviews: September/October 2022

    Modernizing the Chinese language—and touring the American South.

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • features


    Fifty years ago, an assembly of jazz greats shared the stage at Woolsey Hall. 

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • Scene on Campus


    Summer is made for music at Yale's country home in Norfolk, Connecticut.

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • From the Editor

    Music returns to Norfolk

    The pleasures of Yale's summer music festival.

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • Last Look


    The late Claes Oldenburg's Lipstick still holds court in Morse College.

    Sep/Oct 2022
  • features

    Summertime, and the reading is easy

    Like science fiction? Spy novels? Family sagas? Find these and more in our reviews of novels by alumni authors.

    Jul/Aug 2022