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    Neither here nor there

    In 1873, 12-year-old Yan Phou Lee left China for the US. He stayed for 54 years. But he never found a home.

    May/Jun 2021 | Ico comments 14 comments
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    The great dining disruption

    At Yale, in New Haven, and beyond, the pandemic forced dining halls and restaurants into a major overhaul.

    May/Jun 2021
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    Infinite complexity

    Sometimes, even mathematicians rely on intuition. Professor Daniel Spielman's helped him solve an unsolvable problem.

    May/Jun 2021 | Ico comments 2 comments
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    Scenes from a fake emergency

    School of Nursing students learn by doing in a disaster simulation, complete with blood, chaos, and interfering bystanders.

    Mar/Apr 2021
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    A place for all Yale

    The Schwarzman Center invites everyone in for food, talk, and ideas.

    Mar/Apr 2021 | Ico comments 4 comments
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    The Yalie and the yetis

    Oil scion Tom Slick Jr. '38 had many interests. Some required traveling to the Himalayas.

    Mar/Apr 2021 | Ico comments 1 comment