Where They Are Now

  • Where They Are Now

    Revisiting the Vietnam War

    Lynn Novick ’83 and longtime collaborator Ken Burns launch a series on the conflict “no one talked about.”

    Sep/Oct 2017
  • Where They Are Now

    Still in the running

    Catching up with Olympic marathoner Frank Shorter ’69.

    Jul/Aug 2017
  • Where They Are Now

    That’s entertainment

    David Herskovitz ’84 makes theater with rigorous artistic principles—and a commitment to fun.

    May/Jun 2017
  • Where They Are Now

    They never said, “Don’t drink the water.”

    The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, affected this pastor’s community—and her children.

    Jan/Feb 2017 | Ico comments 1 comment
  • Where They Are Now

    Doctoring in a different culture

    Damon Tweedy ’03JD talks about race-related health disparities—and his own experience as an African American physician.

    Nov/Dec 2016
  • Where They Are Now

    Antiquing on the Internet

    David Rosenblatt’s e-commerce site 1stdibs will sell you Catherine the Great’s bookcase for just under $17 million.

    Sep/Oct 2016