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The college, by the numbers

Interesting statistics about the undergraduate body.

Graphic: Mark Zurolo ’01MFA.

Graphic: Mark Zurolo ’01MFA.

Source for recruited athletes: Yale president Richard Levin ’74PhD, “Q&A,” Yale Alumni Magazine, Sept/Oct 2010. All others: average for freshman classes of 2007–10, via Yale Office of Institutional Research. View full image

Forget (if you can) their average SAT scores: as a new crop of freshmen arrives at Yale College, here are some less widely studied statistics about the undergraduate body. They include recipients of Pell Grants—federal aid to students from low-income families—and “underrepresented minorities”: a widely used term in academia, which here (and generally) includes those who identify themselves as Hispanic, African American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, or of two or more races.

But before you start adding up the numbers: keep in mind that the categories aren’t mutually exclusive. Many students belong to two or more of these groups.

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