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“Artificial Pancreas” Works Well in Trials

A device that monitors the insulin levels of people with Type-1 diabetes and dispenses insulin accordingly (“Balancing Act,” March/April 2010) has proven effective in clinical trials at Yale, endocrinologist Stuart Weinzimer ’88 reported in a June presentation to the American Diabetes Association. When patients in the study used the device, their nighttime blood sugar levels were within normal range 85 percent of the time, compared with 60 percent when they measured and adjusted their insulin levels manually. Low blood sugar at night is a common and dangerous problem for people with diabetes.


Baseball Donor Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charge

John Mazzuto ’70, charged with grand larceny and other felonies last year over a stock scheme at the company he headed (“Donor’s Gift Linked to Fraud Charge,” July/August 2010), pleaded guilty to the charges, it was revealed in June. Mazzuto, a former Yale shortstop, was CEO and president of Industrial Enterprises of America. In 2005 he gave about $1.5 million to support Yale baseball, and subsequently a practice field and the head coach’s position were named for him and his family. Yale returned $1 million of the gift last year. The Mazzuto name has been removed from the field and the coach’s title.  


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