$3.88 billion: whence it came, where it's going

How many and how much: donors to the Yale Tomorrow campaign View full image

Top ten donors

Stephen Adams ’59 and Denise Adams ($100 million to make the School of Music tuition-free)

Edward Bass ’67, ’72ArtA (undisclosed amount, including major gift for new residential colleges)

Edward P. Evans ’64 ($50 million, School of Management campus)

Maurice Greenberg ($50 million, Greenberg Yale-China Initiative)

Patricia and Peter Gruber (undisclosed amount, science prizes and graduate fellowships)

John Jackson ’67 and Susan Jackson ($50 million, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)

John Malone ’63E ($50 million, engineering professorships)

Robert Rosenkranz ’62 and Alexandra Munroe (undisclosed amount, Rosenkranz Hall)

Joel Smilow ’54 (undisclosed amount, Smilow Cancer Hospital) 

Anonymous (undisclosed amount, international programs)


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