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For the Rhodes, an Eli ennead

Seven US Rhodes Scholars this year, plus two from abroad.

Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

Mark Zurolo ’01MFA

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Yale produced its largest-ever crop of Rhodes Scholars this year: seven Yale students and recent alumni were named as US Rhodes Scholars, beating the previous record of six in 1968. (Harvard had six this year.) On top of that, two international students from Yale were awarded Rhodes Scholarships from their home countries. Altogether, it’s enough to field a softball team, if only they did that sort of thing at Oxford.

2013 Rhodes Scholars from Yale

Jennifer M. Bright ’13
New York, NY

David M. Carel ’13
Penn Valley, PA

Julian De Freitas ’13
Witbank, South Africa

Rhiana E. Gunn-Wright ’11
Oak Lawn, IL

Micah A. Johnson ’13
Canton, OH

Catherine Laporte-Oshiro ’13
Larkspur, CA

Benjamine Y. Liu ’12
Westlake Village, CA

Dakota E. McCoy ’13
Wexford, PA

Ela Naegele ’13
Freiburg, Germany

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