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Worth a thousand words

A recent grad spends a year walking across the country—in silence.



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On July 9, 2013, his 22nd birthday, Greg Hindy ’13 left his home in Nashua, New Hampshire, to go to California. On foot. In silence. As a work of performance art, Hindy walked across the United States without speaking, taking photographs along the way with a 4x5 view camera. “This whole thing is an expression of how much I love photography, that I’d give up everything if I could, just to make pictures of the world as I see it,” he explained.

Hindy arrived in Los Angeles exactly one year later, having walked more than 8,000 miles on his very indirect route. After ending his vow of silence, however, he revealed that his journey was far from over: on July 25, he started walking home.

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