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Two Yale College students were expelled for sexual assault during the first half of 2014, according to a semiannual report on sexual misconduct complaints released by the university in August. Another two undergraduates were suspended for sexual assault, and a faculty member resigned over charges of sexual harassment. A total of 64 new cases were described in the report. There were 29 complaints of sexual assault (a term Yale uses to cover any kind of nonconsensual sexual contact, from unwanted touching to rape)—more than twice as many as in any previous report.


A pair of new retailers will bring what Yale calls a “European vibe” to the corner of Broadway and York this fall. The university-owned building that most recently housed the quick-service restaurant Au Bon Pain will be home to Emporium DNA, a boutique featuring European fashion brands, and Kiko Milano, an Italian cosmetics chain with more than 500 stores in Europe.


A university employee was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he took kickbacks from vendors in exchange for awarding them work on audio-visual projects. George Dobuzinsky, an engineer at Yale’s Information Technology Services, entered a plea of not guilty on June 16. “Mr. Dobuzinsky did not steal anything from Yale,” his lawyer told the Associated Press.


Breakfast in Commons, Yale’s largest dining hall, is a thing of the past. Commons is now open only for lunch; dinner was discontinued in 2011. Students still get hot breakfast in their college dining halls.

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