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AYA is out. YAA is in.

The alumni association does some rebranding.

Yale Alumni Association

Yale Alumni Association

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At first glance, it’s hard to see much of a difference between the name Association of Yale Alumni (which has been the university’s alumni organization since 1971) and Yale Alumni Association, which is the new name launched by the university in December. But officials at the AYA—sorry, YAA—say it’s all about putting first things first. “The name change enables us to leverage the brand equity associated with the Yale name and aligns us with the rest of the Yale community and with what most alumni perceive our name to be (and thus how alumni search for us),” according to a YAA statement.

Along with the new name, the association is also rolling out a revised mission statement, an improved website, and a new visual identity with a versatile set of wordmarks and icons. One thing won’t change: your Yale alumni e-mail addresses will retain the domain.

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