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Yale is among several universities being investigated by the US Department of Education for failing to report foreign gifts and contracts as required by law. In a statement, the university acknowledged that it had not submitted the required reports from 2014 through 2017, and that it completed the reporting last November after becoming aware of the oversight.

Yale college admitted 2,304 students to the Class of 2024 in March. The class will be the fourth admitted since the construction of two new residential colleges; when they matriculate this fall, Yale College’s expansion from 5,400 students to 6,250 will be complete. Since admitted students could not come to campus for Bulldog Days, due to the pandemic, the admissions office hosted online events
as part of the “30 Bulldog Days of April.”

A new building for quantum science, engineering, and materials research is on Yale’s agenda. Two working groups are currently considering the possibility of constructing such a building at the north end of Science Hill, near Wright Laboratory and Pierson-Sage Garage.

The library at the base of Kline Tower has been named the Marx Science and Social Science Library to honor a four-generation Yale family that created an endowment for its support. Originally known as the Kline Science Library, it was reconfigured as the Center for Science and Social Science Information in 2012, after the collections of the StatLab and the Social Science Library were moved there.

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