Kathrin Day Lassila ’81

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    A new home for the magazine—and goodbye to a longtime employee.

    July 1 2019
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    150 years of art: introduction

    The Yale School of Art was an afterthought. Until it became the best.

    November 1 2019
  • From the Editor

    Thinking is harder than we think

    Woo-Kyoung Ahn’s popular class on thinking looks at ways we go astray.

    November 1 2019
  • From the Editor

    Gospel and blues, Part 2

    A student production goes on the road--for history.

    January 1 2020
  • From the Editor

    The book of the Book of Exodus

    A Divinity School professor's new book looks at how an Old Testament story has been seen over the centuries.

    March 1 2020
  • From the Editor


    A historian of Italian epidemics, living in the middle of one.

    May 1 2020