Alex Beam ’75

  • Max Gerber


    My lunch with Caleb

    You think solving a crossword puzzle is hard? Try making one.

    January 1 2019
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    The Yalie and the yetis

    Oil scion Tom Slick Jr. '38 had many interests. Some required traveling to the Himalayas.

    March 1 2021 | Ico comments 1 comment
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    From film to paper

    David Duchovny '89Grd, who left grad school at Yale to become an actor, wants to be known for his writing.

    March 1 2022 | Ico comments 2 comments
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    A World War II vet gets his due

    Enoch Woodhouse II '52, the last man who served with the Tuskegee Airmen, is still serving the country.

    July 1 2022