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January 2020

This is a list of books and other media, created by Yale alumni, that we received in the past month. To have your work listed, please send a copy of your recently published or upcoming work to:

Yale Alumni Magazine

P.O. Box 1905

New Haven, CT



Thomas Cole ’71: Old Man Country: My Search for Meaning Among the Elders, Oxford University Press.

Barbara Bierer ’76: Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement: Handbook for Human Research, Johns Hopkins University Press.

Hannah Appel ’00: The Licit Life of Capitalism: U.S. Oil in Equatorial Guinea, Duke University Press.

Dora Malech ’03: Flourish, Carnegie Mellon University Press.

Margaret Kamitsuka ’88MAR, ’89MA, ’94MPhil, ’99PhD: Abortion and the Christian Tradition, Westminster John Knox Press.

Connie Voisine ’86: The Bower, University of Chicago Press.

Connie Voisine ’86: And God Created Women, Bull City Press.

Sarah Chihaya ’05; Merve Emre ’15MA, ’15MPhil, ’15PhD; Katherine Hill ’04: The Ferrante Letters: An Experiment in Collective Criticism, Columbia University Press. 

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