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Mystery Monday: dapper Dan

We know the current Handsome Dan is a fan of bow ties; do you think he’d look good in a pair of glasses like these? And where on campus can you find this stylish bulldog carved in stone?

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  • George Huthsteiner TD '74
    George Huthsteiner TD '74, 2:32am September 18 2021 | Ico flag Flag as inappropriate

    <> Saybrook College 1933 SY. Harkness Memorial Quadrangle 1917. James Gamble Rogers. Elm St. 242. <> Dummer Gateway passage leads south from Saybrook's tiny Wrexham Court to Branford's Great Courtyard. The gothic arch's labrum is supported by two corbels, each carved as a bulldog's face. The left hand Dan wears a leather football helmet. Above the arch on his side is a plaque with a laurel wreath. The right hand Dan (pictured here) wears wire rim glasses and bow tie. His plaque above the arch on the right shows an open book.

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