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    Boomers at risk

    It's not just the elderly who fall.

    Sep/Oct 2019
  • Scene on Campus


    The only place it's safe to drive while distracted: a Yale simulator.

    Sep/Oct 2019
  • Light & Verity

    Southern exposure

    A Yale nurse at the bottom of the world.

    Sep/Oct 2019
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    Don't listen to the naysayers

    "You're a woman," a professor told Joan Steitz. "You'll get married and have kids. What good will a PhD have done you?"

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • Milestones

    Murray Gell-Mann, 1929–2019

    A prodigy who uncovered subatomic secrets—and won a Nobel Prize.

    Jul/Aug 2019
  • Findings

    It's the thought that counts

    The illusion that we're multitasking can help our performance.

    Jul/Aug 2019