Student Life

  • Sporting Life


    Athletes adjust to a semester without sports.

    Jan/Feb 2021
  • Bob Handelman

    Scene on Campus

    Still learning in 3D

    At an in-person class in the pandemic, there's lots of elbow room.

    Jan/Feb 2021
  • Light & Verity

    Back to campus, dodging COVID

    Mandatory masks, twice-weekly testing, and debating philosophy in pajamas.

    Nov/Dec 2020
  • Light & Verity

    Breaking barriers

    When did your Yale school go coed?

    Nov/Dec 2020
  • Scene on Campus


    New med students get their white coats—carefully.

    Nov/Dec 2020
  • features

    First days at Yale: 2020

    We talk to new students about arriving in a pandemic, and more.

    Nov/Dec 2020