Student Life

  • features

    Coping with a crisis

    In a matter of days, COVID-19 changed everything at Yale. How can a tight-knit community stay together while keeping their distance?

    May/Jun 2020 | Ico comments 1 comment
  • Pat Eaton Robb

    Light & Verity

    Quoted: James Hatch

    A Navy Seal–turned–undergrad on his life with Yale's "snowflakes."

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Sporting Life

    A club makes the case for cricket

    After decades of false starts, Yale fields a nationally successful team.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Scene on Campus

    Room with a view

    Students in Silliman found a cozy way to enjoy the courtyard in winter.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Old Yale

    When "weekending" was the thing

    After mandatory Sunday chapel was abolished, students of the roaring twenties discovered Manhattan.

    Mar/Apr 2020
  • Marisa Peryer/Yale Daily News

    Light & Verity

    Climate protest delays The Game

    Fifty people were arrested for occupying the field at the close of halftime.

    Jan/Feb 2020