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    Solar power

    An eighteenth-century microscope relied on the rays of the sun.

    Nov/Dec 2020
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    An invitation to a banquet

    A Japanese print combines art and poetry.

    Sep/Oct 2020
  • Arts & Culture

    Reviews: September/October 2020

    Books on Bart Giamatti and the world in the year 1000.

    Sep/Oct 2020 | Ico comments 1 comment
  • Arts & Culture

    Reviews: July/August 2020

    Books on American cuisine and a modernist masterpiece.

    Jul/Aug 2020
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    A stitch in time

    From Army uniforms to tents and umbrellas, sewing machines sped up production in the 1800s.

    Jul/Aug 2020 | Ico comments 1 comment
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    Events on campus are on hold, but here are some ways to enjoy Yale culture online.

    May/Jun 2020