In Remembrance: Norman E. Leeds ’48 Died on March 5 2020

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Dr. Norman Leeds passed away on March 5, 2020.  He was a prominent doctor who had a significant impact on his field of neuroradiology, in which he practiced almost 70 years.

Leeds authored 300 papers and published three books; his last paper was published in 2018 when he 90 years of age. He was affiliated with major New York medical institutions such as Montefiore Hospital, Beth Israel, and Mount Sinai. Leeds was professor emeritus at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  He was one of the pioneering founders in the field of neuroradiology and conducted foundational work on brain anatomy, use of imaging techniques to enhance tumor diagnosis, and the toxins effect of chemotherapy on brain tissue. Recently, MD Anderson had a three-and-a-half-hour oral history interview of Dr. Leeds, which can be found at their website.

Leeds’s beloved wife Bette passed in 2006 and he is survived by his son, Judge Frederic G. Leeds; his daughter, Patrice Leeds Richman and her husband Dr. Steven Leeds Richman; and his grandchildren Jessica, Hagan, Arsine, and Beatrice.

—Submitted by the family.

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