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Alumni named Wilbur Cross medalists

Dean Lynn Cooley has announced that four alumni will receive the 2022 Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal presented by the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School Alumni Association:

Virginia Rosa Dominguez ’73, ’79PhD (social anthropology), for leading scholarship on ethnicity, race, identity, and nationhood and the internationalization of the field of anthropology. 

Philip Ewell ’01PhD (music), for his distinguished achievement in scholarship, teaching, and public service through his groundbreaking work on race and music theory.

Sarah Tishkoff ’96PhD (genetics), for transformative scholarship in the field of human evolutionary genetics through her study of African populations.

Che-Chia Wei ’85PhD (electrical engineering), for technological innovation including the miniaturization of integrated circuits, and leadership in the semiconductor industry.

The Wilbur Cross Medal is the highest honor that Yale Graduate School bestows on its alumni. It was established in 1966 to honor scholars for outstanding achievements resonant with those of Dean Cross during his multifaceted career as academic, professor, and state governor.

Nominees are put forth by their peers as leaders in their respective fields, true innovators, and world-changing thinkers. They are among the best examples of what can be accomplished with a doctoral degree after leaving Yale. 

Medalists will be celebrated on October 10, 2022, for a full day of events on campus followed by a gala dinner and award ceremony in the evening. 

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