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GSAS alums appointed to Yale Board of Trustees

President Peter Salovey announced the appointments of Maurie McInnis ’96PhD, president of Stony Brook University, and Marta Lourdes Tellado ’02PhD, president and CEO of Consumer Reports, as successor trustees to the Yale Corporation, the university’s governing body. The GSAS alums succeed Gina Raimondo ’98JD and Lei Zhang ’02MBA, ’02MA, who completed their exemplary terms of service.

McInnis brings to Yale a wealth of experience in higher education, including her work as provost at the University of Texas–Austin and her current role as president of one of the flagship universities in the State University of New York system. She is an award-winning author and cultural historian of the American South. She is the author of Educated in Tyranny: Slavery at Thomas Jefferson’s University (2019).

Since 2014, Tellado has led the largest nonprofit consumer organization in the world. She was vice president for global communications at the Ford Foundation and has extensive experience working with policymakers in government and nonprofit organizations. She also served as vice president of communications at the Partnership for Public Service and was director of public policy programs at the Center for National Policy. 

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